Thursday 12th May 2005

This may be hard to believe, but sometimes I have no motivation to blog. I surf the web and look out for the latest happenings in the blogosphere. I find personal web sites and blogs, online journals and am struck by how interesting and unique, the author leads. Then, I look back at myself and […]

Sunday 6th February 2005

With the disappointment of Tuesday evening long behind them, Arsenal bounced back in great fashion, with a almost showcase performance against Aston Villa. The first half was great, with flowing one touch football we have become accustomed to see from the Gooners. The one player, back after long injury layoff, showed his desire, with a […]

Tuesday 25th January 2005

Can you believe that exactly a month ago, it was Christmas Day? The thought alone makes me shudder, looking back, it seems much more time as based, than the thirty one days, my diary clearly shows. Thankfully it was yesterday, to be precisely calculated as the worse day of the year, which is understandable given […]