Tuesday 25th January 2005

Can you believe that exactly a month ago, it was Christmas Day? The thought alone makes me shudder, looking back, it seems much more time as based, than the thirty one days, my diary clearly shows. Thankfully it was yesterday, to be precisely calculated as the worse day of the year, which is understandable given the circumstances. Diamond Geezer sums up the feeling of an entire nation, with a list of tasks that seem to take forever. Having said all of that, yesterday was not too bad and the time flew by quite quickly, with very just the odd ring of the telephone. So, how was your day? Hussein came up with the wisdom of the day, which should keep us drudging on, if only for a few more weeks. “But hey, that means every day is going to be statistically better than this one!” You can rely on our resident superhero to always look upon the positive. Funny how that those in the southern hemisphere, report with joyfulness our plight. Although I have a strict policy not to view personal blogs during the work day (even in my lunch break) I do try to get my daily dosage of online news. Although no one can doubt the resource might of the Beeb, I need some more selective reporting on the crucial news of the day. For this I turn to the Guardian and their fabulous News section. Written in the form of a web log, each weekday they bring a roundup of the articles to be published online, through the various sections of the paper, at around 11am. This preview is followed by news bites later in the afternoon, with all the detail you need to read up on the subject at hand. The pick of the day is usually well worth a visit and a image, is also used to summary the main event of the day, or the week. To my surprise, the link Chin’s Happy Moments was able to take my thoughts away from the busy office, just for a split second and I realised, just as I had been trying to pay more attention to the finer things of life yesterday afternoon. Happiness is all about the wonderful things, the every day things, the things that mean so much to you, and just you.

Great to see Arsenal back on form, if not quite the finely tuned engine, we have all come to expect. Hopefully we can be firing on all cylinders by the time we meet Fergie’s men at Highbury next month. Some great chances did go begging, even if more to the great performance of Shay Given. If the feud has finally come to the end, time to let the football do the talking. Read the latest at Arse Blog , as he was lucky enough to be at the match with the Toon. Really need to get myself down to North London for a game, particularly Champions League, which I am well informed have the best atmosphere. My long term aim, is to beg steal, even borrow for the final game on the North Bank before the big move. Then, it will be how to swindle my way onto the waiting list for a season ticket If you have any advice that may aid my plans to move from a armchair supporter in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch to part of the North Bank faithful.

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