Never As Good, Second Time Around

Have you been watching ITV2 on Thursday nights at 9pm. Purely just the fact that Andi (with an ‘i’) Peters narrates this nostalgic trip down musical memory lane from the turn of the century, should be enough for most people. I am of course referring to The Big Reunion. The broadcasters attempt to bring back […]

Defying Gravity

During 2010, my wife Michelle was a fan of Glee along with me and we were watching series one at practically the same time. Although I was a few episodes ahead, on my weekly TV diet, she would watch episodes in major blocks. We watched an episode together, “Wheels”, one weekend (I think I may […]

Even The Principal Is A Hero

Iqbal Theba is somewhat of a hero of mine! Let me clarify this by making that a small-time television hero, not the super street fighting kind. He starred in a handful of episodes of Sister, Sister, with the classic line, “This is AMERICA! Everything is for SALE!”. However, he has outdone himself as Principal Figgins […]