Momentous Milestones

This was not how I had intended to end my weekend, driving back from Nottingham to Slough. My car broke down, just off the M69 as we were approaching the A46 outside Coventry. A call to Green Flag and a forty minute wait later, we were towed over to the nearby Tesco supermarket. It was […]

Birthday Abroad

My dearest friend Pav has been lucky enough to spend many a birthday in his favourite countries throughout Europe. Being born in mid January does align with the winter ski and snowboard season. Lucky boy! Being born towards the end of year, has generally meant I have never had the option to go abroad. By […]

Thirty One Not Out

It is that time of year once again. A few clues for the uninitiated. A big thank you for all the cards, messages and love. My colleagues were treated to a selection of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (Six dozen with a variety of choice). The most popular person in the office on a Friday. Those who […]

Defying Gravity

During 2010, my wife Michelle was a fan of Glee along with me and we were watching series one at practically the same time. Although I was a few episodes ahead, on my weekly TV diet, she would watch episodes in major blocks. We watched an episode together, “Wheels”, one weekend (I think I may […]

Twenty Days Left Of My Twenties

This should be a major symbolic post, that goes on for over one thousand words but based on my recent lack of activity (less than an entry per a month in real time) I very much doubt I will be able to perform to that level. (I believe my natural peak in terms of blog […]

Only 8,760 Hours

Stop the clock, there are now just a mere 31, 536, 000 seconds left of my twenties. The big 30 is fast approaching and there is very little I can do stop this collision course. I just guess I have to hang on and enjoy the ride!

Friday 27th November 2009

I return to my regular Friday evening updates but being unemployed you would think I would have time to post updates at any point in the week, but the reality of life job hunting is anything but regular. A great deal to cover in the past seven days and I will try and be brief […]