Beside the Victory

At approximately 18:00 CET, I am 36,000 ft approaching the English coast, flying back to London Gatwick from my birthday weekend away in Barcelona with my wife Michelle. I had decided to postpone listening to ArseBlog Arsecast from Friday (recorded late on Thursday evening) until this particular moment. (A full blog post to follow in […]

Better Never Than Late

Earlier in the year, I applied for a England fan guide for Euro 2012. As it never arrived in time for the tournament and I never had any serious intentions to head over to Ukraine or Poland it was not a major loss. In fact, I had totally forgotten about the guide but somebody somewhere […]

New Season, New Faces

There are daily rituals, weekly tasks and monthly chores. One of those for me is to read the fantastic ArseBlog every morning. I started reading many years ago and even listened to the first editions of the ArseBlog podcast (affectionately called the ArseCast). After the move into double-digits I gave up as I just did […]

An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Received a completely unexpected e-mail in my inbox this afternoon. An offer of a season ticket at my beloved Arsenal Football Club. This was a complete contradiction to my previous communications (from mid February 2008) that I would become eligible for a season ticket on 1st June 2054. I would love to take up the […]