New Season, New Faces

There are daily rituals, weekly tasks and monthly chores. One of those for me is to read the fantastic ArseBlog every morning. I started reading many years ago and even listened to the first editions of the ArseBlog podcast (affectionately called the ArseCast). After the move into double-digits I gave up as I just did not have the time to listen. Now working in Reading and with over two hours of commuting each day, I look forward to the ArseCast every Friday. I start listening at 4:30pm sharp as I wait for the TVP bus which takes me to Reading station. Once your blog becomes popular to a point of having millions of readers, the commercial opportunities open up. Sponsporship and prizes. I have entered over a dozen of the competitions run by the Arsenal fan Andrew from Dublin over the years but never won. Until this Wednesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, I entered a competition on-line via e-mail, to win tickets for the next Arsenal home match at the Emirates. The question was rather straight forward and the answer connected to the opponents, promoted as runners up in The Championship last term, Southampton. I was shocked to receive a mail on Wednesday morning to confirm I had won! I pondered on who to take with me but in the end (after persuasion from my wife Michelle) decided to take my Dad. I know for sure he will enjoy the day out and the atmosphere at Ashburton Grove. This will be my first visit to my beloved football club since December 2008. It has been one hundred and ninety five weeks since I was last at a home game and I have to admit I have missed the experience of actually going to see some live football. Plus with all the new signings and the fact we have made a good start to the season (compared to this time last year) I am generally feeling quite positive. Bring it on! Plus a chance to finally wear the Arsenal shirt that my mate Dave got me almost two years ago for my 29th birthday.

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