Sleeping With The Enemy

Do you stare at your smartphone in bed before you finally drift off to sleep? I too, am guilty as charged Your Honour! Now blue light is affecting our brains and well-being in multiple ways and as this is a recent phenomenon, research continues but the signs are not good. Therefore after many years of […]

Thanking My Past

Knowing my history with computers and data, I made the decision in 2007 to invest in an external drive. This was not an off the shelf consumer device of course, I purchased a 320gb drive from eBuyer and IDE to USB caddy from eBay. Now perhaps I should have had hindsight to future proof this […]

Middle Lane Hog

When I moved into my flat in mid April and found myself in perhaps one of the most undesirable industrial towns in not only Berkshire but perhaps the whole of the South East, I made a conscious decision. No internet access (and therefore land-line) required. I thought foolishly that I would cope with using my […]

Sunday 26th October 2008

I begin as I must while I am officially in offline mode, with an update of my time in prison. The time clocked up so far, is 2 days, 22 hours, 11 minutes and 29 seconds. I am writing at around 9.43pm on Saturday evening but it will take a while to get everything written […]

Thursday 23rd October 2008

When I switched off my work laptop around 11.30pm yesterday evening, it was a big wave goodbye to internet access from my flat. I had to return my cousin’s Vodafone 3G dongle to him today and dropped it off on the way to the gym. I am trying to be positive but having chosen Tiscali […]

Friday 17th October 2008

It is Thursday evening as I begin writing this post. My first day out in the wilderness with no internet access. Well that is not strictly true, I went to return my cousin’s house key (and dongle) to him at 7pm after my cardio session in the gym and he has let me hold onto […]