Sleeping With The Enemy

Do you stare at your smartphone in bed before you finally drift off to sleep? I too, am guilty as charged Your Honour! Now blue light is affecting our brains and well-being in multiple ways and as this is a recent phenomenon, research continues but the signs are not good. Therefore after many years of being a slave to my mobiles at night, I have decided to switch them both off and leave downstairs before I go to bed each night, to avoid the temptation altogether. Wake up in the middle of the night? What is one of the first things you reach out for? Correct – your phone. So I have decided to stop this nocturnal bad habit and have a better evening regime. Somewhat inspired by the recent Ikea television spots. I hope the results of this change will mean I am fully rested for the day ahead. It has only been a few days. I started on Sunday 26th February but signs are good. I fall asleep instantly now, as soon as I have read at least a chapter of my current book. As usual, to build good solid new habits you need to have discipline. Time will tell.

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