Software Will Rule The Earth

At times I struggle to decide the most suitable home for a blog post. Do I really want to bore my readers with a geeky rambling on some niche piece of tech. My professional site, as rarely as I find the time to update, does have a now semi abandoned blog (or should that be semi-active). If I had more time (and motivation), I should really make more of an effort to write regularly but when my occupation itself it can be a conversation killer – energy can be in short supply. I had noticed the Spotify icon hovering above the map in Waze following a recent update on my Android phone but had not yet seen where the rabbit hole led. I knew Spotify and Waze integration was on the way but did not expect the implementation to be this good. By good, I mean awesome. So in the past, I would load up Spotify, set the song and then load Waze and need to switch between the two apps. Hardly ideal but multitasking between apps is bread and button on a mobile device. The piece de resistance was the close integration when in Spotify, to still show navigation directions at the top of the screen. The developers who came up with this novel idea, deserve a medal. While watching the final episode to Season Two of The Man In The High Castle this evening, I received a phone call. As Kore (the Kodi Remote Control Android app) was running on my P9, the show automatically paused while I took the short call. Pure genius. the moment I hung up, the show resumed. I love how technology is making improvements to all aspects of our lives and the power is not, as you may believe in the hardware, but actually the software. One day it shall rule the earth.

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