Meesh, Teg & Tom

Perhaps it will become a tradition at Christmas, much like Her Majesty’s Speech to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth promptly at 3pm. Last year I went to see Tom Cruise, in the action blockbuster, Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol, with my Dad at IMAX Waterloo. (I am sure I have mentioned before but just to underline […]

Monday 24th December 2007

Men were never designed to wrap presents. I find it does not matter how much I spend trying I cannot do the job. Even a educational video from YouTube could no help. Thankfully this year I did not have anything to cumbersome to wrap, just all standard box shapes but it does not make the […]

Thursday 8th Janurary 2004

You would think that buying a CD has lost it’s novelty. It has become a trivial act, which only those who know know of the world of KaZaa, mp3 and broadband. However, there is more to this than meets the eye. I for one, do purchase the occasional CD. Nothing beats being able to have […]