Bring on Whamageddon

What you, dearest reader, do not know is I rarely blog live (or as soon as possible after the event). Actually I never blog during the event, perhaps in the future, an opportunity shall present itself. Yet, as usual I digress from my main narrative. Being obsessive about the closure of any given story, I tend to revise a blog post over multiple weeks before finally pushing the publish button. In true Winston Smith style, I then ensure the publish date matches as close as possible to the original event date (or when I started to initially draft the post in WordPress).

While walking to Euston Square tube station from Euston House, this afternoon coming up to 4pm, I thought to myself I am going to write and publish this blog post tonight. As I switched on Spotify on my OnePlus 6T to listen to the latest music released today I flicked through the list of artists and tracks and selected somebody familiar – Becky Hill. I thought little of the song title but had inadvertently selected a cover of one my favourite Christmas songs (which is actually not a Christmas song albeit that it was released close to the festive season (also as a cover) by acapella vocal group The Flying Pickets in 1983.) The original song by Yazoo is typical of the 1980s electronic era and this alternative was the stripped-down harmonised version. A Live Lounge interpretation twenty-three years before the show began on BBC Radio One. Suddenly I felt like Christmas had finally arrived! 

Of course, the true marker that Christmas has landed, in the UK at least, is when you hear Wham! – Last Christmas. My dear friend David Jones (who burdens me with the heaviest title on Twitter – his best friend from childhood) challenged me to join this new example of counter-culture via the social media mammoth Twitter. Maybe it has been a thing for a while and I am only just joining the bandwagon. Anyhow, I have surprised even myself having reached the 11th December and still not heard the song. This includes three days travelling into Central London for a training course. The challenge until Christmas Eve is suitably called Whamageddon. How long will I last? I will try my best to report back here or alternatively if you follow me on Twitter, I shall post the moment I have lost.

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