Meesh, Teg & Tom

Perhaps it will become a tradition at Christmas, much like Her Majesty’s Speech to the United Kingdom and Commonwealth promptly at 3pm. Last year I went to see Tom Cruise, in the action blockbuster, Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol, with my Dad at IMAX Waterloo. (I am sure I have mentioned before but just to underline […]

Wednesday 24th December 2008

A quick roundup before the festivities begin, although I bet if you will be reading this several days after the big day. I wanted to mention my shopping trip to Milton Keynes on Monday. It has become a tradition, to go Christmas shopping with my friend around the twenty something of December. We have been […]

Monday 25th December 2006

Last year I broke with tradition. Strange concept for me, tradition. However, this blog has been running for over four years, so there is a small footprint in the form of a legacy. From 2002 until 2004, I have posted an entry on Christmas Day. This has varied from a few lines with seasons greetings […]

Saturday 25th December 2004

Tradition, the foundation for this time of year. Sown into the very fabric of this country, our way of life, our way of doing things, dare I be political to utter the word, ‘culture’. If there are two groups of people that roam this earth, one set embrace tradition, convention, the establishment. While the rest […]