Loose Change

While I expect nothing less from my peers, I do expect a┬áVice President to conduct themselves more becoming of their seniority within the organisation. To view all the other office pranks I have been subjected to in my relative short career, they are all tagged with office prank. The dossier for HR grows larger with […]

Some Things Never Change

Office moves or desks moves, at my current employer, I have moved one floor down and desks now three times. My current desk is situated in an extremely open plan office. We have had the partitions lowered to the bare minimum, which will make calls very interesting in the future. The objective to increase collaboration […]

Action Required

I returned to the office to yet again find myself the victim of a prank from my dear colleague, Fred. On this occasion, he had decorated my working area with various empty folders. Even going to the trouble of leaving me a polite note. A great way to start the month of June. I am […]

Read All About It

I returned to the office this morning after a few days off (two and a half days to be exact). With so much to catch up on, I thought little that my learned colleague would bother with a prank (although his previous track record would indicate the exact opposite) As I turned into my cubicle, […]

Back In The Office

I returned to the office early today. Well extra early, I usually arrive before 8am, but was here thirty minutes early, after a week off. As I made my way up the stairs (I never use the lift, what is the point to go up or down one floor) I thought to myself what kind […]

The Eco Warrior

I arrived to find a note blu-tacked to my computer monitor. I dual screen in the office, using my laptop screen for admin and my 24″ HP screen (or visual display or monitor) to view spreadsheets. It is a mighty beast, set to the maximum resolution and enables me to view columns A to AD! […]