Action Required

I returned to the office to yet again find myself the victim of a prank from my dear colleague, Fred. On this occasion, he had decorated my working area with various empty folders. Even going to the trouble of leaving me a polite note.

Important Paperwork - ARPaperworkEmpty FoldersEmpty Folders

A great way to start the month of June. I am sure my line manager asked me later how I felt about the folders left on my desk. I explained to her I was extremely annoyed, particularly as it meant I could not start work for a good fifteen minutes while I moved all this empty folders back onto Fred’s desk to annoy him and cause him an extended delay before he himself could start work. I do not believe he was that bothered though, he had completed yet another successful prank work. I shall have my revenge, particularly as Fred now believes I can only ever be the victim and never the perpetrator!

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