Junior Artists

People are often surprised when I tell them I am an avid watcher of Eastenders. They expect me to have a broader, more high brow approach to television. The events in the fictional Walford, are perhaps rather too much in the realm of common denominator TV. So what appeals to me so much about this […]

Wednesday 21st October 2009

GREEK is a show I cannot miss and last week was a treat. Dale was going through a period of being an atheist (which was just hilarious to watch). If that alone was not enough, he was trying out an online relationship with Vampire Girl 69. Calvin recommends that both Dale and Rusty get out […]

Friday 3rd April 2009

Friday is finally here and I have a weekend of two halves. More on that later, for now let me focus on the week that is slowly drawing to a close. Work wise been extremely busy not making it to the gym until nearly 6.30pm on both Monday and Wednesday evening. You know how I […]

Thursday 30th November 2006

There are many people whom I wish actually had a blog. Then there are other people whom I wish had never stopped blogging. Hussein, or rather Mighty Mouse is in the later category, I wish he still kept an online journal today. He headed over to Edinburgh last weekend with some friends and was uploading […]