Friday 3rd April 2009

Friday is finally here and I have a weekend of two halves. More on that later, for now let me focus on the week that is slowly drawing to a close. Work wise been extremely busy not making it to the gym until nearly 6.30pm on both Monday and Wednesday evening. You know how I am, any change to the routine is a difficult pill to swallow but I face the challenges as they come. As usual I come to Friday evening and have to think hard about noteworthy events to mention.

Pav has generally been very annoyed that my online presence this week has been non-existent, even to the point of updating his Facebook status yesterday evening at at 20:24 with, “wondering where the hell “terry” is…”. I was of course watching (like several million other UK residents) the last few minutes of an hour long Eastenders special. It was a great episode but even I, a harden Eastenders fan was disappointed with the ending. While I was browsing the Beeb blogs (as I do most lunchtime in the office) I hoped over to the BBC iPlayer message boards and found not one but two threads about last night’s episode. Looks like the Beeb’s flagship show will be losing some viewers. Totally the wrong outlet to vent your spleen though, these type of threads are best placed on the Points Of View message board or alternatively on Digital Spy. I appreciate that the writers of soaps have a great deal of power and this may have been one of those power trips gone a step too far. I agree that soaps have to be gritty and real (to a certain degree) but they must reflect the good times, the happiness as well as the sadness.

Greek was back on the television, well on the other side of the pond on Monday night. Watching it last night (I had no time on Tuesday evening after Chuck and Heroes and then there was World Cup Qualifying on Wednesday evening, so even The Apprentice had to take a hike too). It was like a family member who has been on holiday for an extended period coming back and telling you what they got up to. It really is a great show and I can only see things getting better now in this series. Singer Jesse McCartney guest stars as high school football ace Andy but for me it is always has been about Dale. His problems with his new Canadian flatmate had me in stitches! Even though the ice hockey loving man never gets any screen time!

Fitness wise I have had a rubbish time this week. On Tuesday I went out for a run straight after work at 5pm, however I suggested to my colleague James that we should do the run in the opposite direction, therefore to have an uphill start and re-create the start of the actual 10K run itself. This was just a stupid mistake on my part. The first two miles were all up hill and hard work. Our time dropped to ten minute miles only coming back to nine minute miles on the flat. My legs were giving up at this time and when we got into town, I had to stop. While working through town we were spotted by a colleague. He happened to be on the phone so just waved. The rumour would get through the office that Andrew was just “walking” on his Tuesday evening run. I have no problem taking the stick, as long as those dishing it out are going to get their running shows and join me on the last Sunday of May. Yesterday, I lasted only six minutes on the treadmill before I had to slow down to a jog. Today was even worse, I lasted about three miles before my legs just packed in and I had to stop and walk the rest of the way back to the flat. I may go out again tomorrow evening, depends how I feel.

What are the master plans for the weekend? Well not a lot on tomorrow. Need to give the flat a good tidy. Now that my vacuum bags arrived this morning, I have no excuses. I also have quite a lot of admin to do and also going to pop over to library to get my West Berkshire discount card. I also have to look at my friends laptop, help a friend join eBay and put a few things up for auction for them. Sunday is the busy part of the weekend. First there is the early morning gym session, after which I will be having my programme reviewed and also starting my first ever free weight programme. Then during the day I’m having a cooking day (with some help from a friend of course). After which I am off to Pinewood Studios to see a new comedy panel show being recorded. Would I Lie To You? will feature new host Rob Brydon (taking over the host seat from Angus Deayton) and team captains – Lee Mack and David Mitchell. I wonder who the guests on each team will be? Larry Lamb anyone? I am really looking forward to my return to Pinewood, my last visit was also thankful to SRO Audiences back in April just under two years ago. Sure it means a very late night on Sunday (the recording ends at 9.50pm) but it is well worth it and best of all the tickets are free!

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