What Is In A Name

My wife, Michelle received her new passport this morning and with it a new surname and new identity. We have now been married for just over four months and in a twist of fate, her ten year old passport expired a few days after our honeymoon in Rome in mid August. (The same week many […]

Religious Beliefs

I parked my car in the Tesco Extra car park and headed off into Slough town centre. There were a few errands I needed to run before picking up a few groceries from the supermarket. The sun was shining brightly, unusual for such a cold afternoon, making it difficult to make out cars and people […]

Weekends Before Christmas

The weekend officially began (week 49) at 18:00 sharp, as I started my car and Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris – We Found Love blared out of my radio. I had tuned into Capital FM. The song had been recommended to me by my sister, Samantha and I had listened to it via YouTube a few […]

I Spy

On Saturday afternnoon I had a few errands to run in town. This including joining the library, a ritual for me at any place I move to (although it will probably be a while before I borrow a book, or use the internet facilities) As I walked towards the entrance, I noticed a car parked […]

Pure Vandalisim

Do not fret my dear blog readers, I have already placed my A3 under 24 hour security surveillance. However, the lesson for the owner of this Peugeot 207 is simple. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! However I still believe it would be worthwhile getting a quote for spray paint removable from the […]

An Unexpected Reunion

I have a great deal of friends, but as the saying goes, some come and go, others stay along for the ride (the lifers as I prefer to call them). Some I keep in touch with, others not so much but as usual friendship is a two way street. If I make an effort, I […]