Weekends Before Christmas

The weekend officially began (week 49) at 18:00 sharp, as I started my car and Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris – We Found Love blared out of my radio. I had tuned into Capital FM. The song had been recommended to me by my sister, Samantha and I had listened to it via YouTube a few months ago. Now it is played non-stop on the radio but back then it was an up and coming new release. The video though, is something else, I would describe it as an acid trip. (Not that I have any experience of one of those mind you!)

My ultimate destination was Thame, Oxfordshire but I had decided to swing by Didcot to drop off some birthday presents for a friend. Common courtesy would have been to call beforehand, even when en-route to make sure it was convenient but I did not bother. The reality is, I doubt my friend BT would have even answered the call. Plus the element of surprise was actually to my benefit, I had my fingers crossed that he would be at home. In any case, I found the house in a new estate on the outskirts of Didcot Parkway railway station and dropped off the items before heading over to Thame. Perhaps a rather scenic journey on an August evening but in early cold December it was perhaps ill advised at best. I called Clive as I left Didcot and it would take me a good forty minutes to get to Thame.

Once you hit December, the runaway mine train is heading to only one destination – Christmas. I try not to get sucked into the commercial marketing bliss which usually is brewing from mid September. However it does mean I am busy with various events, every weekend all the way until the end of the year. There is no rest for the wicked!

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