Unread Books

Several years ago, I decided I needed to read more (actually more is the wrong word to use here, I actually needed to start reading full stop) and made a conscious decision to join the library and start borrowing (and reading!) books again. I even asked a cultured older friend to give me a list […]

Captured Sunrise

Sometimes it is nice to capture a beautiful moment, even if it goes almost unobserved every day. What makes this moment even sweeter is that fact it took place over the location of my first official employment. Yes, thirteen years ago, I was working at this petrol station around the corner from my house.

Heading Off Plan

It had been over a month since I went to the cinema, eight weeks in fact. The last trip was to see The Kings Speech in the middle of January. There had been a few movies I wanted to see on the big screen but in most cases, the urge has never been quite strong […]

Fragile (Handle With Care)

Friendships are and forever will be a very delicate commodity. I will be the first to admit I have not treated my friendships with the respect they deserve. Perhaps for a long time, but in recent times, I have just not made the time I should. Today or more importantly from this weekend, I shall […]

A Ticket To Ride

Weekend train travel is something of a lottery. The destination is not as important as the point of departure. My local station, High Wycombe is manned regularly at weekends, but when you try and start your jouney from a village on the Buckinghamsire/Berkshire border, it is a very different prospect. It is also worth noting […]

Movie Award Season

January is the month to go and see critically acclaimed movies. Two years ago I went to see Slimdog Millionaire, tonight, I went to see The King’s Speech. If I am honest, this movie may have passed me by, if it was not for Michelle insisting I book tickets for us to catch a screening. […]

Bulk Buy Bye

I got back into the car at precisely 10:59am. I put on the radio and wondered why there was silence broadcasting on the wireless. (I was tuned into KISS for the record!) As it clicked over to 11am, the penny dropped. It was Remembrance Sunday and the moment the nation comes together to remember those […]

Duty Calls (Once Again)

For various reasons, I left for Wrexham as the clocked ticked rapidly towards 7pm. I should have been in the Welsh town already, if I had left work at 4pm, as I had originally planned, when I booked Guy Fawkes Night as holiday. Instead, I had just joined the A40, leaving Uxbridge and had an […]