Heading Off Plan

It had been over a month since I went to the cinema, eight weeks in fact. The last trip was to see The Kings Speech in the middle of January. There had been a few movies I wanted to see on the big screen but in most cases, the urge has never been quite strong enough. Or I have found it very difficult to find anyone to go with (Michelle was not interested in Drive Angry 3D as a clear recent example). On Friday afternoon, after a long tiring day, I spoke to Michelle and we decided to go to the cinema. It was a choice between Paul or The Adjustment Bureau. While I felt I was in the mood for some comedy, we went for the fantasy thriller instead. I think we made the right choice – although I think my fiance would disagree.

I really like Matt Damon as an actor but just like Tom Cruise I have not seen his best movies. (By best I mean critically acclaimed master pieces) I have seen those from the recent pop corn genre, cinema for the masses. This perhaps is a shock but I have not seen any of the Bourne collection, I have not see Good Will Hunting or The Departed or Syriana. I have seen the first Ocean’s movie, The Good Sheppard and more recently The Informant! He is far from being my favourite actor but he is extremely talented and I perhaps have overlooked him in the past.

The choice of venue would not have been up for discussion. The Vue at The Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading. However, in January their cinema advertisement contract changed from Pearl & Dean to DCM. I have to admit it had caught me slightly by surprise minutes before we saw The King’s Speech. It had to be Empire, so it was a choice between Slough or High Wycombe. Michelle decided to head over to my home town, and after food we would catch the movie. We bought tickets for the 20:40 showing and then headed to TGI Fridays (on the correct day of the week for once) for food before the movie. We even had time for quick round trip back home to pick up some Peanut M&Ms. 🙂

The auditorium was perhaps half full, or maybe a little over half full, which was surprising as this was a Friday night and the opening day for this movie, which had been heavily trailed on the little live commercial television I had seen in the past seven days. There was no Pearl & Dean Asteroid theme, it was straight into the trailers and into the movie. I made mental note to make sure I mentioned this on Twitter and then if no response was forthcoming to contact the cinema advertising house directly.

The movie was very good, I enjoyed it. It was just what I wanted to see after a busy working week. Okay, the plot did have a few weak points and the ending was rather erratic, but overall it was really enjoyable. Any movie dealing with the subject of time and destiny and pre-determined plans is fascinating. However, I do want to point out that it is slightly mis-sold in the trailers. It is not good as Inception, it does not even come closer. The idea is much simpler and the execution is rather more low budget and pedestrian. Nevertheless it is gripping stuff, mainly due to Damon’s character performing very well under the circumstances. Emily Blunt is the poor link in proceedings and the love that blossoms between them is not very believable but this is also slightly down to the holes in the plot. There chemistry is just not there, but then I did not expect a Winsley and DiCaprio romance of Titanic proportion – even though like the Award Winner movie, the love story is the centre of the movie. It was great to see Terrance Stamp, make a rare big screen appearance. (He will forever live in my memory as General Zod in the Superman franchise.) There was enough going on to keep you interested and as you come to understand the Bureau you wonder if they will be able to stop David Norris or will his memories be wiped?

The most balanced review I have read, since seeing the movie is over at The Guardian. It was only then I realised my mistake, I had decided to watch this movie as a thriller. The reality was it was a love story with a sinister thriller backdrop.

What else have I been up to this week? Well on Thursday evening, on the way home from work, I had to stop by the in laws. Before doing so, I had to get some fuel (as usual, I was running low the moment I got onto the M4 at Junction 15). Before heading to Langley, I decided to stop by Maplins just off the Bath Road. I parked my car in the deserted car park at the rear and then noticed a shiny brand new Ferrari parked about a half a dozen spaces to my left. I took a few snaps with my phone but only realised that a child was sitting in the passenger seat, after taking my second photograph. I decided it was best to not to take any more photos, particularly with the owner close by. I would not expect to see a Ferrari California in Slough, let alone the car park of Maplins on a idle Thursday evening. Although it would have been great to have heard the row of the engine as it drove off into the night.

Ferrari California

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