The Salt Of The Earth

Just like the rest of the planet, I do not enjoy Sunday evenings. There is the reality of the start of the working week imminently looming on the horizon. I do not have statistics at hand, but I can tell that a there is a weekend peak of television and internet activity during the course […]

A Typical British Bank Holiday Weekend

The Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, I feel is rather underrated, particularly after the feror surrounding Christmas. Under normal circumstances, I would have made big plans for the four day break. However, two things worked against me this year. Firstly I had to work on Good Friday. Working in an international environment, where you are supporting […]

Normal Service Resumed (Sort Of)

Went to see Kick-Ass at Vue Reading last night. I had been looking forward to the movie ever since I had seen the trailer a few months back. It was actually my Dad that told me late on Thursday night that Jonathan Ross’s wife, Jane Goldham, co-wrote the screenplay which turned out to be a […]