I Wanna Have A Good Time & Enjoy My Jack…

My sister, Samantha got back from her girlie holiday to Portugal last night and told me about Les Grossman on MTV in a rare live appearance. I did a few searches on the XBox using the fantastic YouTube script! Eventually we found a clip but it was screened backwards (I am unsure of the technical term, is it inverted?). When I realised this was the MTV Movie Awards 2010, I switched off the Xbox. They had been screened earlier on MTV, around lunchtime when I had put on the telly. I was hoping those wonderful people at Sky had put it on AnyTime. They had! Fantastic! Regular readers of this blog, will know that I am a big Tom Cruise fan, but with Les Grossman, he has outdone himself! I saw the movie Tropic Thunder back in December 2008. I only found out that Tom Cruise was featured a few moments before I watched it. (By my dear friend Bhavna on MSN). Nevertheless it was one of the highlights of an excellent movie that killed me! Once again his appearance had been kept under wraps. The only promos I had seen had featured Aziz Ansari. But there had been promos featuring Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner. What can I say? I have watched the credits of Tropic Thunder several times because it is that good! Here, Grossman goes one better by “saving” the MTV Movie Awards with a ground breaking, mouth watering performance, that many A List performers would be hard pushed to replicate. The man can move (for a fat bloke) and loves being the centre of attention, as long as a Diet Coke is close at hand. You can catch several more photos and video footage over on The Daily Mail website!

Les Grossman & Jennifer Lopez

I would be thankful for this cameo appearance alone but the rumours which began way back in February last year when Tom Cruise appeared as the main guest on the opening of the new series of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. I am sure the Hollywood star said something like “Would you go to see a film about Les?”. The rumours were true, or rather have been confirmed. There is a movie in the works and I just cannot wait!

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