Military Discipline

I know in this modern age, most people find it difficult to live without their mobile phones. I too perhaps would be lost without a mobile but I actually have the discipline to switch mine off. Most days it is off during the course of the working day (between 8am until around 5pm when I leave the office). However today, I just wanted to a break from being connected. I kept my phone off from 8am until 8pm. Hardly a record but it enabled me to focus on the important things in my life for a change.

What have you been up to the past week? Well, I survived my first week in my new job and have got used to bombing up and down the M4 every morning and early evening. It was my first working weekend (whereas previously every day was like a weekend during my job hunting phase). I finally caught Hot Fuzz on DVD. It was very good, just a shame it took me a few years to finally get around to watching it. Apart from that, I have been obsessed by Glee like most of the country but instead of watching on E4 like most other people, I was watching the show at my own pace. It is good fun with some of the songs are very well produced. The acting can be a bit melodramatic for a drama based around school and a bunch of teenagers, but it is entertaining nevertheless. The characters are larger than life while some of the plots are just plain outrageous!

I am also back in the gym, I joined up to Expressions based at the Wycombe Sports Centre on Friday 15th January. I am going to dedicate my time to cardiovascular work for the first month to six weeks before I get back into the resistance/weight training. This evening it was rammed, as I hear it is most Monday evenings, with queues at the treadmill. I am hoping that these queues will die down when most people give up on their New Year Resolution. Usually around mid-February but as the gym have extended their offer until end of February it may be a little while longer. Meanwhile, my so called friends have let it rip on Facebook, posting various comments to a recent status update. I let my frustrations be known on Twitter.

I am playing football with my new colleagues tomorrow at the Oasis Sports Centre in Swindon. It has been several years since I played at this level. Okay, it is only five a side but I am only just coming back to full fitness. I just do not think my colleagues know how much I lack in skill/talent. I suppose it does not really matter, it is the taking part that counts and I want to get involved much earlier than I did perhaps in my last job. By the time I had made a social circle in and around Newbury, it was almost time to leave.

A lot of things to dump into a single blog post but I just wanted to give an update, so everyone knows what I have been up to in the past few days. I know it may appear to many people that I have disappeared off the face of the planet (or the online version at the very least). I am around, just very busy. Although the best part is being busy again and having a routine.

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