Normal Service Resumed (Sort Of)

Went to see Kick-Ass at Vue Reading last night. I had been looking forward to the movie ever since I had seen the trailer a few months back. It was actually my Dad that told me late on Thursday night that Jonathan Ross’s wife, Jane Goldham, co-wrote the screenplay which turned out to be a bit of a pleasant surprise. It was not what I expected at all, very well done, very funny and overall great entertainment. I was expected a comedy in the same shape as Super Bad and other movies in that vain but with a super hero theme. Or perhaps a different take on the paraody style of Scary Movie, Superhero movie et all. What we got was something completely unexpected and totally off the wall (or should that be chain?) I am surprised the film got a 15 certicate, some of the gory violence had me squimish but then I am one of those sensitive types. However, it will seem rather strange to say but the violence is very well done and kept to the right level. It is not a gorefest. Yes, it is based on a newish (February 2008) comic book and does mention other superheroes throughout but the concept is very clever. Ordinary folks decided to take a stand against the criminal underworld. No real super powers, no radiative spiders or exposure to nuclear waste. It shows that a nobody can become somebody and get the girl (although it was touch and go at the start). The cast (predominately the villians) are all British then again that has been Hollywood trait for the past few decades. I cannot recommend this movie enough, it is really good fun. It does not take itself too seriously and is very entertaining. The perfect companion for a Friday Night at the flicks. My first weekend with not much on, although it is my sister Samantha’s birthday today. We are waiting for her to get up, so she can open her cards and presents. I still need to make a CD album for her, she gave me a long list of songs a week ago, which I need to sort out before the evening. Overall not much planned, a nice lazy weekend before Easter. I am hoping to get to the gym tomorrow but after a crazy workout with Trev and Ryan yesterday afternoon I think I may give it a miss. I had Friday off again (final day to use up before the end of the financial year). Once again, I tried to pack too much into the day and only got a few things done. I had a appointment in town at 10am and caught the 9:35 bus, forgetting that the cheaper return does not kick in until 10am. Ooops! I then had a few minor jobs to do in town before catching the bus back and then making a few calls before checking the car over. It was at this time my phone buzzing from both Trevor and Ryan wondering where I was. The original time to meet up had been 11.45am, but I was over half an hour late. I picked up Ryan and then Trevor before heading to Court Garden Leisure Centre in Marlow. (A sister gym to my usual in Wycombe). However, parking has gone up to £1.20 for two hours since my last and only visit to the gym back in January. It was another tough workout in the gym, but thankfully it was practically empty, with a few people coming in to train now and then. This is not what I am used to, training in the evenings after work the Wycombe gym is rammed, with queues for the treadmills among other equipment. My respect for Trev has grown over the past two sessions, he really can lift some weights. I was lifting less than a half of what he was doing. Once again, Ryan did his own thing in the corner, while Trev and I shared a bench. Another two hours flew by, but as usual Trev bumped into several friends during the course of the workout. I do not think I have ever met such a popular person, or as we prefer to call him, “Local Hero”. I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging and focus less on the backlog (I am at the moment up to March 2007 in terms of uploading the archive entries). I also have several entries from January and February that I need to write, with the help of some notes I made back then.

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