Military Discipline

I know in this modern age, most people find it difficult to live without their mobile phones. I too perhaps would be lost without a mobile but I actually have the discipline to switch mine off. Most days it is off during the course of the working day (between 8am until around 5pm when I […]


Christmas was nothing out of the ordinary but a lovely day at home with family. We watched all the regular things, Doctor Who, Eastenders, Gavin & Stacey and the family movie, which this year was Elf. Although I did apply for some jobs in the afternoon and spent more time online than I should have […]

Let It Snow

I find it very interesting how this country deals with snow. The climate changes to this extreme, once in a decade, but even so, it is known to happen so you would think Local Authorities would be a little better prepared. The weather took a turn for the worst, as I left work around 6pm […]

Back to Work

It was back to work on Monday morning, but I had Tuesday off (for Christmas shopping) and then shifts every day of varying length up to and including Christmas Eve. What made my day was a little boy, perhaps aged eight. He was in a private school uniform, but I could not recognise the badge, […]

Wednesday 2nd December 2009

So here I am, my official first blog in my new Word Press application. I was hoping to get this all kicked off over the weekend but for some reason the One-Click Application was not working on my hosting. I logged a call with my host 123-Reg and they resolved the issue by Monday afternoon. […]

Friday 20th November 2009

On Tuesday morning Pav explained that Barry had printed out a phrase onto a label at the office. The phrase sounded something Yoda would have said with the diction all over the place. “How Can She Slap”. I did not know what my friends were referring to, until I took Pav’s advise and searched on […]

Tuesday 17th November 2009

A rather lame weekend if I am honest but then unemployment does dictate these things. I did not receive any news on Friday (as I had hoped) and in fact received the bad news yesterday morning at 9:13am via e-mail. Yes I was extremely disappointed but I pushed all my negative energy into applying for […]

Sunday 8th November 2009

Unlike the rest of the working population, I have no set bedtime on a Sunday evening. After getting back from London around midnight, I watched the X Factor Results show on Sky+, skipping right up to the result and then showdown performances from Rachel and Lloyd. After watching Rachel depart (I knew the result already […]

Friday 30th October 2009

What have I been up to the past week or so? Well I have got gradually more lazy with each passing day. As someone that thrives on routine, the lack of it is causing me to head in a downward spiral to nowhere. I have had a few interviews but so far little feedback. Aside […]