Friday 24th July 2009

It is Friday night, I am back in Wycombe and I’m looking forward to a very busy weekend. How was your week? Tuesday was both my Dad’s and my second cousin, Ramzi’s birthday (52 and 5 respectively) so I gave them both a call to speak to them and wish them happy birthday. On Wednesday I watched Car Crash: The DeLorean Story (I suddenly felt a surge in interest in the automobile company). The documentary from a few years ago, revealed several new aspects of the story I had not known before. For some reason I was in a hurry to finish watching by 7.30pm, only to the then realise that it was Wednesday and the next trip to Walford was the next day. Yesterday after Eastenders, I attempted to login to my server, Dagobah the old fashioned way (by attaching a screen and a keyboard. I was inspired by having taken out Beginning with Ubuntu Linux from the local library.) It was a complete failure because the box has no PS/2 ports and I have no adapters. To my surprise, the screen only showed the command line, I was expecting a desktop login. When I spoke to Hussein later on MSN that evening, he confirmed that no desktop had been installed as it was unnecessary until I threw in a TV card and installed MythTV. So for the time being my interfaces are the trusty SSH (Secure Shell) using Putty on my Windows desktop or the web. Hussein had knocked up a very imaginative page, which servers as links to the main services I have running on the box at the moment. Sure, it is not exactly that appealing at the moment I agree but I am going to change that shortly.

Yes! I'm sure it's perfectly safe for droids

Just got back from Ryan’s place, he gave me and Trev a lift which was good. The highlight was watching the video from Bournemouth. It only took Mr. B, nearly a year to get around to editing the package together. My highlights were the tour around Steve’s and Tim’s flat (while they were busy getting ready or on phone calls) with our guide Ryan Buckle. The drive home was also very funny, particularly missing the motorway junction. The next video was from the barbeque at Ryan’s just over a year ago. There was not much to see really, just us watching other video (in a similar style to The Royale Family). It was getting late and I wanted to get Ryan’s Netgear wireless router installed, which I did in record time. He wanted the SSID to be Snake, so I made it so. We then spent at least half an hour up to forty five minutes, searching for old school mates on Facebook. I got home at nearly 1am, and although was tempted to go straight to sleep (I was extremely tired) I found a moment to post this weekend preview blog before hitting the sack. Although it would be a while before I would actually be able to post the entry live. Tomorrow is my friend Reena’s wedding. She has been counting down to the day for a long long time and I have been looking forward to the day for a long time myself. I should have taken someone with me, but in the end opted to fly solo. I will be over in Southall for the ceremony and reception before heading back to Wycombe, once my Mum and relatives are on their way back from Heathrow. Saturday evening and most of Sunday will be a time to chill with everyone and catch up before heading back to Newbury early afternoon. I want to get down to the gym and get a few little jobs done before the weekend is out but doubt I will get much done. I picture myself getting back to Newbury late and after such a hectic weekend, just crashing out on the sofa, watching Top Gear.

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