Tuesday 17th November 2009

A rather lame weekend if I am honest but then unemployment does dictate these things. I did not receive any news on Friday (as I had hoped) and in fact received the bad news yesterday morning at 9:13am via e-mail. Yes I was extremely disappointed but I pushed all my negative energy into applying for a flood of jobs. I think I almost hit the fifty mark and the phone did ring a few times. Just got to keep plugging away I suppose. I was hoping this week would bring me news and I could finally start a new routine. Oh well, it was not meant to be and I will just have to keep hunting. However, as the time draws closer to Christmas, in reality the opportunities will reduce and I may have to just wait for 2010! The weekend was rather uneventful. No, it was completely uneventful. I had the offer of going to a part at the Plough in Slough with Ryan and Trev but turned it down. I was not in the mood and Ryan had pulled out in any case. I woke up around 10.30am, had some breakfast watched Friday’s episode of Eastenders that I had missed on Sky+, bummed around online for a while, watched Football Focus. Then I had just a few hours back on the computer. I had watched FlashForward when I had got back on Friday night (early hours of Saturday morning) and watched Fringe via the XBox. Just before 5pm, I headed back into the lounge to catch the England friendly. This would the start of a marathon television session with would last all the way up to 10pm (a solid five hours). After the football, there was TV Burp, The X Factor and finally The Impressionists on BBC1. You will know that I like my TV but even this was a little overkill in my opinion. Sunday was a lazy day, I did nothing particularly interesting. The highlight was Doctor Who special. It was good, better than I expected. Both the specials so far have been very good. Perhaps the Easter special more so for the casting of one of my favourite actresses Michelle Ryan. (Why oh why could she not have been a companion, much better than Catherine Tate!). I did enjoy some of the in-jokes with this episode though Bowie Station One. Setting up nicely for the final two specials to be aired on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Barry Plate

Have you seen the video of Tik Tok by Ke$ha? Well check it out, the song is extremely catchy with some funny lyrics and even features a number plate that would perfect for my dear friend Barry’s car. Happy Birthday Barry! I am looking forward to Saturday, it should be blast. Well done on getting a mini-preview blog post done!

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