Duty Calls (Once Again)

For various reasons, I left for Wrexham as the clocked ticked rapidly towards 7pm. I should have been in the Welsh town already, if I had left work at 4pm, as I had originally planned, when I booked Guy Fawkes Night as holiday. Instead, I had just joined the A40, leaving Uxbridge and had an […]

Monday 2nd July 2007

A one hundred per cent certified rock and roll weekend. So here I am, on Monday evening, trying to put together something interesting to say about the past three days. So much to cover and the pressure of time raging against me as always. (Along with Pav and Chris anticipating the next entry.) So here […]

Monday 5th May 2003

My dear friend, Mr. David Jones, has finally taking the plunge and if I may be so bold to use a Welsh, or rather Wrexham saying, “applied the handbrake”. To those of you, unaware of the meaning behind this, he got married on Saturday. I must say, that this being my first experience of a […]

Sunday 27th April 2003

Taking into account the amount of mileage, I do purely for work purposes, you would think that I would have some sense, to keep my “Social, Domestic and Pleasure” mileage, to a bare minimum. Having a hectic weekend planned, and having a tight (very tight) schedule, I was looking at matching my weekly commuting mileage […]