The Watershed Venue

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that a film released 32 years ago could predict my future? I am here to tell you the universe works in mysterious ways. The film in question is Buddy’s Song released in 1991. The same year as Doctor Hollywood featuring my all-time favourite actor Canada born, American […]

Hannah weds Vicknesh

You never truly appreciate the challenges of organising a wedding until you organize your own. Having said that, ever since August 2011, I have a much better appreciation of the herculean task undertaken by generally the Bride and to a smaller extent the Groom. Although we were unable to get the hashtag #meeshwedsteg trending on […]

Mr & Mrs

Today in a fabulous Civil and Hindu ceremony I got married to my beautiful wife Michelle. I thought it would be a good idea to finally update my blog for what can only be described as the happiest day of my life. It is strange how when planning a wedding, the actual date of the […]

Last Night Of Singledom

It is plainly obvious that I am not ready for this weekend and instead of spending Friday night sorting things out for my up coming nuptials, I am actually off to another wedding. I have no idea what my so called friends have got planned for this weekend. Although I did my best to arrange […]

A Leap Of Faith

Who knew that 2011 would turn out to be such a milestone in my life. Aside from that fact that I turn 30 in a mere four months time, I am also getting married within the next fortnight. I had always hoped to be wed before I entered my third decade but even this is […]

The Final Countdown

Believe it or not, there is now just a month to go until my wedding. In thirty days time I shall be wed and enjoying a reception with all my friends and family, many of whom will have made the trip from Australia, India, the USA and beyond to be with us on our special […]

Get Carter

Part Two of my blog post of Pavneet and Emily’s wedding, you can may want to read the first post on My Best Friend’s Wedding. I was woken up at around 9:30am, by housekeeping knocking on my hotel bedroom door. When I did not respond, I am sure I heard the cleaner come in, see […]

My Best Friend’s Wedding

A rather tired cliché title for what can only be described as a blog post I have much joy in posting onto the interweb. Are you sitting comfortably? I shall then begin. I met Pav at Henley College, way back in September 1998. He was in my A Level Business Studies classes and was regularly […]

A Peach Wedding With A Twist

Forgive me for a rather rushed post. I wanted to blog as soon as possible after the event, but in this case I am actually just killing time in between two major events. (Plus, Pav has told me in quite harsh terms, that if there is not an entry for him to read with his […]