The Final Countdown

Believe it or not, there is now just a month to go until my wedding. In thirty days time I shall be wed and enjoying a reception with all my friends and family, many of whom will have made the trip from Australia, India, the USA and beyond to be with us on our special day. Our wedding website, as mentioned previously has now been online for over a month and most of our friends and family have successfully RSVP’d.

Khural Junior Family RSVP

My best man, Pavneet Khural is currently on his honeymoon with Mrs. Emily Khural in Thailand. Their last words to me, as they left the Marwell Hotel on Sunday 19th June (the day after their wedding) was they would get around to confirming their attendance at our wedding at some point. I am not due to see them both again until Friday 29th July, at another friends’ (Sarah and Phil) wedding. You can imagine my surprise when I get an e-mail notification with the subject, “Pavneet Khural has tagged you in a photo”. I was concerned that some embarrassing photos from the wedding had already been uploaded to Facebook. In fact, it was the above photograph. I am sure, like me, you appreciate the sexy shorts as modelled by Pav on the beach. As Michelle would say, Pav was being “extra” with his rather flamboyant confirmation of their attendance to our wedding. I just hope they write the message, “Happy 30th Terry” in the sand and save that image for late November.

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