Sunday 13th October 2002

How are you all? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I got back from Wrexham at around 3pm this afternoon. I had a great time. It was lovely to see Dave again, spend the weekend with him and reminisce about old times. The drive up on Friday night was quite a trek. I left Wycombe, at 7pm and got into Wrexham at 10.30pm, so I made good time, with the 170 mile journey. Driving at night is a different game compared to driving in the day. It was raining quite heavily when I joined the M6 from the M42 and it continued to get worse as I headed onto the M54 for the final part of the journey. The final stretch takes you on the A5 which is mainly dual carriageway. I was not 100% confident that I was heading in the right direction because there are no signs for Wrexham, until you are about 20 miles away.

England, as always, left it late to beat Slovakia on Saturday evening. It was great to see Owen get on the score sheet. The first half was a diabolical performance, no matter how bad the pitch was, we can’t expect an England to play so badly. With our world class midfield, we seemed lost at sea, and the Slovakian team played as a unit almost around us. Luckily, in the second half, we played how we should for the whole match, with hunger, with that bite, with that roar of the Three Lions. Looking forward to Wednesday’s qualifier against Macedonia. Hopefully Erickson with play an attacking formation, with the firepower we need upfront.

I enjoyed my weekend away, it gave me the time and space that I have longed for, in several weeks. It was great to be away from all the hassles at home and spend time with a friend whom I’ve know for most of my life. He hasn’t changed, he’s still the same Dave I knew at Primary school. That is something that we should always remember. Nobody ever changes, no matter how distant they grow (or go!) from you. Essentially, they remain exactly the same person they have always been. Their environment and circumstances will change, that is inevitable, but this has a small bearing on them as a person. Of course, people adjust from the challenges placed in front of them, remember that you will always be you. Nobody, nothing and no one can ever, or will ever change that. I suppose that is the lesson, that I have learnt from the weekend. That change isn’t such a big issue as people continue to make out. Change occurs around us, but never within.

I took several photographs, which I will soon develop and then scan so they can be uploaded to my photos page. I’ll try and get something together! I am just sorting out through some albums (both past and present) and I’ll try and get them scanned this week too! There should be some new pages appearing soon, once I get the HTML code looked at.

Well I wish you all the best for the coming week. I’ll try and do a more website orientated news bulletin later in the week (most likely Wednesday!) As always, please please keep e-mailing me. I love to hear from you and reply to every e-mail I receive. 🙂

What words of wisdom to leave you with on this Sunday evening? There is a song that got a considerable amount of airplay in the week and always was played in Liquid, the club I went to on Saturday night. A classic song, with a very romantic verse:

“Now nothing can change what YOU mean to Me…
There’s a lot that I could say
Just hold Me now…
Cause our LOVE with LIGHT the WAY….”

May you too find love…and let it light the way… Take care for now.

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