Thursday 10th October 2002

Well I know this is unusual. For me to be updating the site during the weekday. I am going to Wrexham this weekend to see one of my long term best friend’s, Dave. He moved to Wales, in 1995 and I haven’t seen him in nearly 3 years. Therefore, I thought I would give a quick update and apologise for not (as usual!) spending anytime this weekend updating the site. I will do, next weekend, and I can guarantee there will be some surprises! There will be more photographs, and a few additional pages, that I have been working on behind the scenes. Plus, a host of new sites, particular home pages of new friends that I will be added.

My week has flown by, (has the last two months!) work has been hectic, but I am always on top of tasks. The drive to work continues to be a strain, as I have to take the longer, more time consuming motorway route. I always hit traffic, but the radio keeps me company. I have another long journey ahead of me tomorrow. Around 180 miles there, so I should be in Wrexham by about 10pm tomorrow night, if I leave Wycombe by 7pm.

KaZaa have finally made a breakthrough with their Peer-to-Peer software sharing program. In version two, we can finally down MP3s of proven quality. I now have the major task of back tracking through my mp3 collection and upgrading all the 128kbit files to 160 (or better!) files. Finally, I now have the power, I did in 1999, with Napster. Back then, I was still using a lame 56kbps connection. Now, I’m in control….

Personally I have been feeling great, absolutely great. From hearing the students of Fame Academy’s rehashing of the classic tune, Everybody Wants To Rule The World. I obtained an extended version and have been playing it constantly in the car. Why would I want to rule the world, when I feel that I have so much more of the world to enjoy? Your guess is always as good as mine! There is a line towards the end of the song, which rings so true… particularly at this moment in time:

“All for FREEDOM and for PLEASURE… Nothing ever lasts FOREVER….”

Powerful words which need to be given time they deserve. It is with these words, I leave you my friends…enjoy your weekend and make sure you too believe… believe in the future! Believe in what the future may bring… :o) Take care.

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