Saturday 5th October 2002

October already, time really is flying by uncontrollably. I must say, my week has flown by quite quickly and it hasn’t been too bad compared to other weeks. Achieved a substantial amount of tasks successfully which was rewarding.

The BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, now hosted by Scott Mills (for the this week and next) has cheered me up on drive to work. I have had to take the motorway route, which means I always hit traffic. He continues to play the right mix of music, so that my CD player doesn’t get much of a look in, in the morning. Bootie Call has always brings a smile to my face, and warms my heart with hope. However, on Tuesday, when a guy asked a girl out on a date, she turned him down as she was seeing someone else. The first rejection since I have been listening over the last few months. However, the rest of week, we had successful matched up couples.

Fame Academy started on BBC One last night. Should prove to be a very interested show. The prize is something completely unbelievable. The life of a ‘star’ for a year. I did, enjoy the students’ version of the Tears For Fears classic – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”, even if they did put their own dirty mark on it. Lets see how their lives unfold on screen and which one will show the relentless ambitious dedication to win the £1 million record contract and dream prize.

Sad news this week, was the breakup of Hear’Say. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the group, for sure. I did however, really enjoy their hit, from last autumn, “Everybody”, pure pop at its best. I’m just looking forward to the release of their greatest hits album.

Some of the views I have had during my journey to and from work has been breathtaking. On my usual drive, I cut across the rolling countryside and see across the three counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Particularly a few weeks ago, with a bright blue sky and the sun coming across the horizon. It was truly amazing. I was thinking, that for some reason, the man upstairs, wanted me to see these breathtaking views and experience the wonder of a sunrise and sunset across the beautiful countryside.

I have been able to hold on to my emotions far more over the past few weeks. I have not been bottling them up, but rather not letting them take control. I have not let them to decide the path I wish to follow. I’ve been very much concentrating on the things in my life that matter, the things that mean something to me. I have found that no matter, how much that ‘particular’ issue bothers me, I can’t let it takeover. I’ve been much more calmer, control, collective and calculated. Hopefully, over the next week, I’ll continue to grow in strength and be able to bring this chapter in my life to a close…well perhaps “close” is too strong a word. Bring it to a successful conclusion, but to an extent leave it open ended.

Website – not many updates, apart from the audio page. MP3 database updated fully. Working behind the scenes to bring the rest of the pages up to date. Some more photographs will be added very soon. 😉

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