Movie Award Season

January is the month to go and see critically acclaimed movies. Two years ago I went to see Slimdog Millionaire, tonight, I went to see The King’s Speech. If I am honest, this movie may have passed me by, if it was not for Michelle insisting I book tickets for us to catch a screening. Friday night, 8:15pm at Vue Reading, the tickets were booked. Having heard so much about the movie, I was looking forward to being able to judge for myself. Michelle’s brother Steve had seen the movie last weekend and left the cinema with a tear (or several) in his eyes. (Although perhaps he would have preferred me not to broadcast that to the globe!). Perhaps, he would have prefered for me to have said, he was very moved. The auditorium, screen three was packed, but with a mainly older crowd for a Friday night. I have to first report my disappointment that Pearl & Dean are no longer the cinema advertisers for the Vue chain. This has been taken over by DCM (as of January, as the advertising contract was outrageously expensive – apparently P&D had to pay Vue £11 million a year!). I tired to not let this bother me too much, although the important long term decision is which movie houses to visit that still played the world famous Asteroid. My verdict? Absolutely entertaining and more than deserving of every award the movie may receive, in particular Colin Firth, who at last receives the accolades long overdue. While historically it may not be perfectly accurate (the timing of events is greatly reduced), it does paint a very interesting picture of life in the Royal Family before the outset of World War II. The fact that it is from a recent time, which many people will be aware of and many others lived through, does help with our understanding. After all, the subject is (if you pardon the pun) is our current Queen’s father. It does also make you wonder, how it could have been very different and that perhaps there may have been little need for the Duke Of York to take on a speech therapist if he was not to become King. It was very funny and Geoffrey Rush give a fantastic performance, bouncing off the heir apparent. I would recommend everyone to go and see this movie and not been both moved and entertained. Sorry to go all patronising on you, but British citizen in particular will enjoy the drama, as it will give them a picture of the history of our great country and a particularly difficult moment. I have long agreed with my History teacher from secondary school – if you are to truly engage as a citizen of a country, you must learn the history. For an action, comic book, comedy pop corn movie lover like me, this was a big departure from the norm. Having said that I am fascinated by history and was keen to read further into the actual story itself and the historical background to the abdication. Do not just listen to me, a 95 percent rating over at Rotten Tomatoes can only be another ringing endorsement! We will just have to wait and see what the awards committee verdict is at the Academy Awards!

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