An Unexpected Reunion

I have a great deal of friends, but as the saying goes, some come and go, others stay along for the ride (the lifers as I prefer to call them). Some I keep in touch with, others not so much but as usual friendship is a two way street. If I make an effort, I expect it to be reciprocated in time. I did not think I would see Jav or Dee again, even though the last time I saw Dee was back in Reading back in the autumn of 2006.

You can imagine my surprise to receive an e-mail from Jav at 11:31am on 3rd May in my GMail inbox. It was a group e-mail, also sent to Dee and Pav. After the expected apologises for being lame for not keeping in touch, Jav proposed we arranged to meet up this coming Saturday evening for a meal and drinks in London. After a trail of several e-mails, the date, time and venue were confirmed. I was really looking forward to the weekend.

My weekend was as usual very busy, so I ended up being in Wycombe during the day for some reason and then headed off to Gerrards Cross to pick up Dee from his house. We were waiting for Pav and Jav to arrive for a while, so decided to make a slight change of plan. I would drive back to my flat in Slough with Dee and then wait for Pav and Dee to join us there and drive in one car to Houslow. The trusty silver Rover 45 did arrive eventually and we jumped in and headed to our final destination.

It was great to catch up with these guys once again, it had been too long. My trip to Germany over the long Easter Weekend in 2006, remains to this day one of the best “guy” weekends ever. Plus it was Dee that made it such a memorable trip. Without him, we would not have had as much constant entertainment day and night.

DeePav, Teg & Jav

It was great to catch up with these guys, as we all agreed over dinner it had been far too long. We had to make more of an effort to meet up and arrange a proper night out. Dee was on fire as usual, telling us stories about a weekend bender in Amsterdam, among other great adventures he had been on recently. As usual there was not enough time to catch up on all the five years we had missed. However, as the lines of communication are open once again, I am hoping there will be plenty of weekends to catch up on the past and create new memories.

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