Monday 30th January 2006

Watched She’s All That on Channel 4 last night. I sort of stumbled upon it by accident when checking what movies were on over the weekend on the Radio Times web site. Some background here, I have seen the movie before. Back when I was in the first year at University, a group of us would spend at least one evening in the week watching movies. We would trek over to Blockbuster (at the time there was only one express store, the other side of the city) in Ollie’s Honda. We watched a range of movies on DVD, but mainly American teen films. She’s All That was one of those movies, and I really thought it would be the best way to end, a damp squib of a weekend. I am writing this a few minutes after the movie has ended and have a tinkling feel good feeling inside. Perhaps as a strong alpha male, I should not freely admit this publicly only my web site. There were parts of the movie that had me in stitches, almost on the floor with laughter. DulĂ© Hill playing the token black guy, Preston had some great one liners but his role was watered down. Paul Walker (whom I greatly admire in his more recent work) plays the typical sleazy jock. I suppose I am just a sucker for these types of movies now, even at the age of 24, when I should technically be falling out of the demographic audience. The High School and American teen culture, in general has so much appeal to me and although the movie centers on what is in essence a popularity contest, on another level it is really about finding the real person inside? Am I looking too deep into this? Although of course, I don’t believe anyone in my secondary school class from 1998 (a year before this movie’s release) could bust some sleek moves on the dance floor to the sounds of Fat Boy Slim – Funk Soul Brother. Perhaps strange things happened when you have Usher, as your campus DJ.

An absolutely vintage episode of Eastenders this evening. I must say, I was on the floor with laughter through most parts of the BBC soap. I think I will need to capture some images from the repeat on Sunday afternoon and post either some images or more likely the audio. Anyone for some of you not obsessed with the show, you must know what happened. I make a point of rarely visiting the official site over at the Beeb, but must let you read the episode synopsis. ‘Yolande’s lack of car sales experience shows when she loses a sale;’ is an understatement. The potential punter asks, how many miles it does and then when not getting the answer he was hoping for, asks again, “mpg”. The reply is “only cassette radio, nothing fancy…”. Then, knowing he was speaking to a complete buffoon with no knowledge of cars, he asked if the flux capacitor was working correctly. Mrs. Trueman then said she would make sure it “was checked out..”. Classic. I was in fits of laughter. This segment combined with a collection of other scenes and the introduction of the new doctor in rather comical circumstances made for a highly entertaining episode. Sure most people that do not watch the show say it is depressing, constantly gloomy, and the sky is always dull grey. Tonight’s episode was living proof that not every visit to Albert Square is full of doom.

When will Stelios finally throw in the towel? Dave over on The Daily Blog takes up the story. Personally I have no problem with the professional footballer endorsements (I think their lawyers have advised them to not state David Beckham on the Easy4men dot com web site, perhaps because it has some strange mixed sexual connotations and easymen dot com was perhaps far too risqué). Come on, it can’t be that difficult. When you wake up in the morning do you want to be thinking of the Greek entrepreneur or aspiring to be DB as seen in this commericial from a few years ago. Or just read my entry from Sunday 20th June 2004.

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