Sunday 5th February 2006

With thirteen seconds left until half time, Henry scored the goal that most of Highbury had been waiting for. Yet, the fight back in the second half, which most expected materialised only without the final killer bite. Instead the focus was not on those eleven out on the pitch, but the one player that had been substituted and subsequently left the ground. The Managing Director of my company supports Spurs and although his contact with me is generally non-existent, he sent me three e-mails on Friday, all relating to the Sol Campbell joke and some humourous images of the centre back. While I am happy to take such banter on the chin (as it is meant) I find it amazing that my big cheese has the time and sense of humour to send these e-mails to me. Several months ago, he sent me some of the amazing football quotes, which prove how stupid some professional footballers really are. I bet there are football fans out there, dreaming they could have a big boss like mine! 🙂 The least said about the football the better. While I have no problem of people rubbing in the West Ham result, particularly at work, I have an issue with non-football fans giving me stick, when they find it convenient. Take my colleague, whom on Thursday morning printed off not one but two copies of the Sky Sports match report, pinning one to my board, one to my monitor and going the extra mile by converting my desktop background to the match report also. Thank you very much. Add to this the fact that he text me twice during the course of the match to remind me of the score. Thanks mate, great working with you too!

Have you heard the Pussycat Dolls latest single? Beep is the female response to the Black Eyed Peas track, “My Humps”. features with the cabaret girl group and it is fantastic radio friendly pop. However Chris kept singing the chorus (as sung by Fergie) all day and he was getting on my nerves. Thankfully he didn’t annoy me to the point where the song got into my head and would have had me singing it as well, that really would have been a disaster. A quick search of Google provides some answers, firstly the why then the how to get them out of your head. There is even a count of the top 189 most annoying songs of all time. Strange number though, you’d think there would be at least 300 but then some are more a matter of opinion than solid fact. Hold on there was another song that everyone started singing on the helpdesk, and I was to blame. Whenever anyone asks a favour or wants something done (as long as it is not senior management) we later say, “Your Not The Boss Of Me Now. The theme tune to the American comedy, Malcolm In The Middle. The song is sung by They Might Be Giants and puts to song the chaotic craziness of the show. I suppose, you could call it our unofficial anthem, along with the fantastic phrase Google It!

Yesterday, I woke up just before midday and music television was the only order of the day, while I had some brunch. Smash Hits (the television station continues, even if the magazine dies later this month) were having a Pop Disaster Weekend, with pitiful cover of The Crossroads by The Blazin’ Squad being screened. This was with the headline, too many cooks spoil the party. I could not agree more. There should be no more than five or perhaps six members of a man. Not ten. Thankfully they have learnt from their mistakes and disappeared from the music scene completely. The next video played was a bit of shock, but good to see in any case, even if I dispute the labeling. The song was You Rock My World and the artist does not need to be stated. However I felt it was disrespectful for the label of shamefaced comeback to be stuck across the screen. Particularly as this was a man who has to be the biggest entertainer the world has ever seen. Even if his recent work does not match the dizzy heights of his previous classic material. Talking of which, on Friday night I had a extremely awkward experience. My friends were playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in a pub. The quick fire question, to win the three life lines was about MJ and his music. Put the following singles from the 1990s in order of release. Of course, somewhat (who will remain nameless) said stop, Teg’s the big Jackson fan, let him answer this one. Of course, I bottled it and got the question wrong, although still cannot think which two singles I got the wrong way around. In any case it was just another shining example of being put under extreme pressure and not delivering the goods. What I really needed was a inner circle fan from the forums, like Obi-Wan.

Talking of music there are some new singles being released very soon that I have been listening to non-stop on my computer. As you know I love some smooth RnB and I heard the song, So Sick by Ne-Yo on KISS last weekend, but never got the chance to hear the name of the artist, and only remember the chorus, “Why can’t I turn off the radio?” I think this is the perfect antidote to the period of Valentine’s that always come to invade us as soon as we enter the second month of the year. The other video I saw was for a feel good dance number by Shapeshifters (Shape:UK in the States). I did not really like their previous singles, Lola’s Theme and Back to Basics. The new single, Incredible is somewhat more upbeat and refreshing and the guest singer, Kelly Marie (no, not that one!) is easy on the eye, particularly in the video. However, not been able to find it anywhere, just yet. The search continues. I been listening to Like U by Bow Wow featuring Ciara. It was played on KISS last weekend also, and this afternoon I saw the video on KISS television, as part of their Smooth Grooves Sunday. Then, when I went to clean my car and check the oil and tyre pressures, they played the song on KISS radio. Fantastic. Yet another amazing weekend. Plans for the rest of the evening? Go back to classic VHS and trawl through an Ali G video to find a clip of Borat at the Henley Regatta? Why I hear you cry? It is perhaps the most funniest comedy scenes ever as he cheers on my county in a minor boat race. Yes I am very sad! You can read the full episode over at Borat Online. There is a Borat movie planned for release later this year, having had a screen test state side earlier this month.

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