Saturday 9th December 2006

Podcasting is something I feel I will need to (at some point) get myself involved in. The most minor of sips from the cup of audio blogging took place back in mid April and I have not rushed back to try again. However, I have started downloading regular pod casts from my favourite blogs. First up is the ArseCast from ArseBlog whom uploaded his seventh episode to download yesterday morning. Fantastic to hear the voice of the man behind a blog I have read religiously everyday for nearly two and a half years. The pod cast adds a new dimension to an already amazing blog and I love the wonderful balance between serious discussion on our football team, to the comical aspects including Arsene Wenger Hawkins (which needs no explanation). Then we move over to Geoff across the pond on Geoff Tech and his iBlog, which I have only been reading for just around a year (I discovered just a few days before my 24th birthday last year). Since his move over to Charleston, I have been following his adventures, semi-regularly on his blog but am sure to listen to each podcast (which is called iBlog USA, and sounds fantastic when spoken by the sexy voice of Leah, Geoff’s girlfriend) On his most recent audio diary entry which is in fact a bumper edition, condensing a full three months into a single thirty minute mp3 audio file. Perhaps the most important aspect was the closing song. Geoff tends to fill in the links between his various segments with music. The closing song was Mon Amour Tokyo by Japanese pop group Pizzicato Five. A song which is very catchy and has an amazing 1950s come 1960s feel. Amazing, even if I have no idea what the lyrics mean. What is more amazing, is considering that this is all a long chain of coincidence. Someone chose a number at random. Seventy seven to be precise and somehow this linked to this obscure (but never the less compelling) song from P5. My dream is for one day, my blog, this blog to achieve the dizzy heights of fame (but never fortune) of the above blogs I have mentioned. Something inside wants people to read my blog on a regular basis and enjoy my contribution to the blogspohere. I know the reality is far from this but with every word, every entry I continue to strive for that amber nectar. I think I should just focus on the present, rather than the future and let my blog be organic. Let it grow and become whatever it becomes, rather than force it to become similar to another blog that already exists. We shall see, although I think in blog years, having been around since 2002, this site is a granddad of the blogging movement. Strange to thing what else will happen in another four years. When I came home yesterday evening, I had to get ready as I was going out for a meal with a friend. However, my Dad came into my room and showed me ticket. I looked closely and only saw the Alan Shearer OBE. Then I noticed the scribble above the former Blackburn, Newcastle and Southampton legend’s name. My Dad then explained he had got the autograph of former England manager Terry Venables.

Winter SportingLunch 2006

An annual flagship event organised by the Institute of Directors and sponsored by a mobile phone operator, it was held at the prestigious Royal Lancaster Hotel in Central London. Tickets were not cheap but my Dad was with colleagues so was able to get this autograph for me. I therefore should have the set now. Both Shearer and Venables, but I offered this to my colleague Chris back in February (photograph evidence also available) only for him to give it away to another friend. For the record, I will be keeping this autograph for my collection, even though he was manager of Spurs for four years. Bought my Christmas cards this morning from Clinton Cards as I do every year. Also have my Disney & Pixar Advent Calender, which my Dad bought me a few weeks ago. As usually I have been really slow to have the chocolates, unlike my sisters whom will have got to about 20 already. I have seen three out of the five animated movies featured and still hope to see Cars at some point over the festive period. Got another dinner party to go to over Christmas and New Years Eve will be spent at Havana, Windsor. Pav will once again but on the decks, so I am looking forward to a good night.

Disney : Pixar Surprise Gift Advent Calender

Christmas has officially arrived, although we are yet to put up the decorations in our house. How do I know it has arrived? What is the sign? Seeing the Christmas television commercial from the Coca Cola drinks company. This year, they have gone for a more traditional approach, but with a time traveling twist. It will make more sense when you head over to YouTube. Call me a purist, but what was wrong with the classic version we have loved for years. The song is by the artist Melanie Thornton. She tragically passed away five years ago but was born in Charleston, South Carolina. (In a strange coincidence where Geoff finds himself this Christmas.) She may have gone but she has given the world a magic Christmas gift, which will live long in our hearts. Okay, I know it will forever be associated with a soft drink but if you listen to the song in full and not in isolation, you will perhaps begin to understand the power of the “Wonderful Dream”.

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