Identity Crisis

Spotted this Saturday afternoon while in The Peel Centre car park. This proud badge was on a car, (a lime Focus Fusion I believe) owned by a middle aged couple. Probably what you expect to see in the light of Brexit and the whipped up nationalist feelings which are being harnessed across not just our country and continent but even over in the United States of America.


Can people truly be so short sighted in 2017? Who said British and European were mutually exclusive? No man or woman is an island. We live in a global economy. You make positive things happen by collaborating, reaching out to our fellow human beings, rather than pulling up draw bridges. When did putting up barriers get us anywhere? I wonder how historians in the future (was that a oxymoron?) will judge us many decades from now. While we may not be in a position to change the decisions of the past, we are all in the privileged position to help make tomorrow better than today.
Time makes things tolerable. Time gives you perspective on events that shake your world to the core. Time allows you to move forward. But time doesn’t change the pain that sits in your gut.

R.L. Griffin, By a Thread

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