Clarkson Parking

Car proud. Is that a thing? It must be, because house proud is a thing! Back in late July 2013, a few days after starting at my new (and I would like to add happily current) employer somebody scratched my car door. This was not a minor misdemeanour. They had scrapped paintwork clear off my door. I decided to stop parking with everyone else in a prime location and park further away. What difference did a few additional minutes walk from the office, if it gave me the peace of mind. Little did I know what was waiting ahead. Now I believe taking a discreet parking spot away from everybody else would mean just that. Out of sight and out of mind. A colleague had other ideas. He decided on a couple of occasions to park right up against my vehicle, making access from the nearside door impossible.

Car ParkingParking

It was time to come up with a new tactic. Ladies & gentlemen, I bring you Clarkson Parking.

Clarkson Parking

[Image Courtesy of JSC]

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