Thursday 31st May 2007

It is just before 11pm on Wednesday 30th May and I have just watch the finale to series one (or Volume One as the producers would prefer to call it) of Heroes! I stepped up my game and watched four episodes back to back last night. This was after my marathon session on Monday and Tuesday night. What can I say? I am really looking forward to the second series, which the BBC have already bought (strange when they are still yet to screen the 23 episodes I have just watched!). Super heroism, is one of my favourite genres and this series appealed to me in a way like no other. I should really qualify that statement by making it quite clear that I have not seen that many television shows, particularly US imports. I was surprised to discover that Executive Producer, Timonthy Kring, was also responsible for Teen Wolf Too (a movie I have not seen, as it surely could never live up to the original). With most shows, I can be quite disciplined and watch one episode a week, even if I have the whole boxset on DVD. Somehow, this show got right under my skin and I was hooked almost from the word go. Two characters appealed to me, Hiro from Tokyo and of course Mohinder from Madras. Not knowing what was coming next, not knowing how the story would end, it all added to the suspence. Sure, the series will always be listed as a drama but it is a pure scifi dream. There is a spin off Heroes Origins coming soon and then series two which should fall in September. I just cannot wait. In the meanwhile I have downloaded the ‘web comics’ (all 35, 538 megabytes worth!) to read over the weekend to kill some time. It has been over two weeks without broadband and thanks to a television show, I have not gone completely insane but I am missing every aspect of my online life. My Dad got a call from Sky this afternoon in response to our letter of complaint and was given the activation date of 6th June. Although they did say the service could be switched on earlier depending on BT. By then, it will have been three weeks out in the wilderness. There is a sense of relieve that the ball is in the court of my new ISP and I am not tearing my hair out trying to get people to respond on the phone or to e-mails. However, there is a small sense of apprenhension, as I read the stories on Sky User of users spending hundreds of pounds on phone bills and going months with no active broadband connection, some going as far as to cancel their Sky connection. Fear not, Teg will return, it is just a few more painful days to go through. Been waiting for a while but it is finally here. Just another football match? Another friendly? Friendlies are pointless, aren’t they? Not if they are the first England game at the new Wembley Stadium. There could only be a handful of opponents that founding country of the game, could play and Brazil are perhaps the most gifted and entertaining to watch. Who would have believed that by the age of 25, I would have seen Brazil play on English soil, not once, twice but three times! However, the previous two occassions will not compare in anyway to tomorrow evening. Why? It will be my first ever England international (at senior level) at the home of football. Need I say any more?

England v Brazil

At exactly 4.30pm on Bank Holiday Monday afternoon I received a text from Pav. It was a picture message with the following text, “Sorry to rub it in but I’ve hit a new record!”. Part of me wanted to throw my phone at the wall, part of me wanted to jump for joy. I still do not know which feeling I felt most! I will let you judge for yourself, but something tells me the Guinness Book Records will not been in touch anytime soon mate!

New Record

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