Sunday 12th October 2008

It is 17:26 as I begin writing this post and I have officially landed in Newbury! I am in my flat and have just spent the last three hours getting everything unpacked and sorted. I have sent the odd tweet via my mobile, so you can read a few updates. As usual, so much to […]

Sunday 7th September 2008

There is nowhere else to start apart from England. European World Cup Qualifying kicked off yesterday afternoon with all the home nations in action. It was very annoying not being able to watch the game on Sky or the Beeb. There was not even a highlights programme to look forward to later in the evening. […]

Tuesday 5th August 2008

Went to North London today, to attend my second ever Members Day (first at the Emirates). I got up quite early (considering it was a day off work) and caught the 7.41am 32 bus into town. The driver nearly ran out of bus stop space when he pulled over into the lay by on John […]

Sunday 1st June 2008

An early start on this first day of June. I do find it a struggle to get out of bed so early, when most of my peers are most likely have only been asleep for a handful of hours. However, once I am up and about, the rest of the day becomes a breeze. I […]

Thursday 29th May 2008

Over a month ago (46 days to be exact) I had my first fitness test and scored a reasonable “Fair”. Not bad considering my complete lack of exercise until I joined the gym. However this evening, I was hoping for a review with Matt, our personal trainer but instead was given my second fitness test. […]

Wednesday 23rd January 2008

I hate losing, just like every football fan. Defeat against arch rivals Spurs leaves more of a bitter taste in the mouth than defeat against Middlesborough in the league. I am getting slightly ahead of myself. The story begins, as they all do at the beginning. I was looking forward to the evening. Particularly as […]

Sunday 25th November 2007

It was going to happen, but even a Hollywood producer would not have dreamt this up. A rematch (of sorts) for the World Cup Qualifying campaign after the summer hiatus. I watched the draw live on BBCi. (Actually recording it for my football archives). So you can imagine my surprise when England found themselves in […]

Thursday 22nd November 2007

It was 17:27, I had been in the car for twenty minutes and traveled less than half a mile. I was stuck in traffic in the Cressex Industrial Park, trying to get into town and to the train station. I rang Dave, he was already on a train to Wembley but his stopped at every […]

Tuesday 20th November 2007

This week has kind of crept up on me, almost out of nowhere. I know I should write the standard affair, of really looking forward to Friday and Saturday evening but I have to be honest and I am quite apprehensive. On Friday, I watched Children In Need telethon on BBC1, all the way from […]

The David Jones Weekender

It is 2.38pm, as I begin writing this entry and I am going to find it difficult to put into words the events of the past three days. I know there are a stack of photos (okay, “stack” might be exaggerating it a little, quite a few) on my N73, Nikon CoolPix and bits of […]