Sunday 25th November 2007

It was going to happen, but even a Hollywood producer would not have dreamt this up. A rematch (of sorts) for the World Cup Qualifying campaign after the summer hiatus. I watched the draw live on BBCi. (Actually recording it for my football archives). So you can imagine my surprise when England found themselves in Group 6 with Croatia. On the plus point, there is a visit to the homeland of television celebrity Borat Sagdiyev. Count your blessings, we have a relatively easy group missing most of the big power houses of Europe, perhaps Greece being the other weak team in pot one. However, before I get carried away, did not I say something similar similar after the Euro 2008 Qualifying draw in January 2006?

Croatia World Cup Qualifying - UEFA Group 6

I have not really done much today. I watched Chuck & Larry this afternoon as I was bored. Pav had given it to me last week but I had never found the couple of hours spare in the evenings after work. What can I say? Funny but not very funny, a movie you watch once and then almost completely forget about. There are some good cameos and one liners but overall, it is not a movie I will watch again and I am glad I did not rush to the cinema to watch the movie in mid September. Not as good as the teen comedies that I still love (even though I’m getting a bit old for them now!). I will go as far to say that I would not even recommend the movie. It is not that good!

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