Wednesday 10th January 2007

I pondered long and hard whether to post here or over on my work log. The events take place during office hours, on business but the subject is very close to my heart as a football fan. Usually my attendance at training events is planned weeks, if not months advance, but I was asked by […]

Sunday 5th November 2006

It is funny how one external factor can make or break a weekend. Up to Sunday lunchtime, I was enjoying my weekend, having achieved very much everything I had set out to achieve. My PC was fixed, digital television was working great. Although I prefer using Power Cinema rather than the Hauppauge software that came […]

Saturday 28th October 2006

There are always records at stake and I suppose when you think about it there always will be. Today there were both those of common knowledge and one of personal insignificance. Let me go back and start right from the beginning. I woke up just before 9am and after breakfast got ready to head to […]