Return To The Alps

The last time I was on a ski slope was Friday 16th January 2009 and I did not believe I would be back so soon (if at all). A great deal has occurred in the 1087 days (or 2 years 11 months and 23 days) since my last group ski trip. My friends would probably […]

Friday 30th January 2009

It was very tempting to switch lanes and head onto the fly over (A339) that connects the Robin Hood roundabout with the A34. However, even though it was not even 4.30pm, my weekend had begun but I had to go to the gym. Having been such a disjointed week, I was not going to let […]

Sunday 25th January 2009

A break from the holiday posts to give you a quick update on everything that has been going on since I have returned to good old England. Returning back to work on the gloomiest day of the year. Believe me it was not planned like that but it just happened. If I had a choice […]

Friday 23rd January 2009

Day 1 – Saturday 10th January You would think that I would be asleep, three to four hours before I head off on holiday but I was actually updating this blog, believe it or not. I had to get a last pre-trip entry posted even though it does not actually account for much. I slept […]

Sunday 18th January 2009

I am back! Yes, returned home (well to my parents in Wycombe) just after midnight in the early hours of this morning. Completely shattered, I should have gone straight to sleep after some food. But you know me, I had to go online for a few hours and finally went to sleep around 3am! So […]

Friday 9th January 2009

Sometimes even I find it hard to believe that everything happens for a reason. Not only this but trivial items are placed in your path for you to notice. If are reading this anytime on Saturday morning (a decent time of day after you have had a lie in) then the countdown will be over. […]

Wednesday 10th December 2008

In a strange twist of fate, I found myself in a team of skiers. However, I would not be a skier if it were not for my relationship with Pav. That long term friendship in term is based on my decision to go to Henley College and not stick around at my secondary school. All […]

Wednesday 23rd January 2008

I hate losing, just like every football fan. Defeat against arch rivals Spurs leaves more of a bitter taste in the mouth than defeat against Middlesborough in the league. I am getting slightly ahead of myself. The story begins, as they all do at the beginning. I was looking forward to the evening. Particularly as […]

Sunday 20th January 2008

A break from the normal programming. I thought I would give a quick round out on what I have been getting up to since my return from holiday. The holiday blog posts will continue shortly. On Thursday 17th, I traveled up to Sheffield for my sister, Natalie’s graduation ceremony. As she was only able to […]

Friday 18th January 2008

Day 2 – Saturday 5th January As I had not been to sleep, (neither had Emily or Pav for that matter) it slipped my mind that it was actually Saturday now. Our coached dropped us right by the south terminal, Em grabbed a trolley and we dashed all our bags on and headed for the […]