Sunday 18th January 2009

I am back! Yes, returned home (well to my parents in Wycombe) just after midnight in the early hours of this morning. Completely shattered, I should have gone straight to sleep after some food. But you know me, I had to go online for a few hours and finally went to sleep around 3am! So much to mention and I suppose I have plenty of time but just like last year, I will give a day by day account of the adventure. For the time being it is 17:22 and I am back in Newbury watching The Krypton Factor on ITV1. (Just not the same as I caught the end of the Christmas 1987 edition on Virgin+1 earlier today!). I am going to catch up on some television shows and perhaps then make the start on the epic blog post. Bare with me, I may be some time but I assure you that it will be worth the wait. The main thing is I have not broken anything and suffered zero injuries. Can I say the same for the rest of my party?

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