Thursday 29th May 2008

Over a month ago (46 days to be exact) I had my first fitness test and scored a reasonable “Fair”. Not bad considering my complete lack of exercise until I joined the gym. However this evening, I was hoping for a review with Matt, our personal trainer but instead was given my second fitness test. I did not expect to be a big improvement. You can imagine my surprise when after my jog, Matt put my TechnoGym key into the computer to reveal the result. “Superb”. Not only that a 58% improvement on my previous test. Okay sure, even accounting for the margin of error considering I was placed nine kilos overweight. I was well chuffed but my excitement was short lived. Matt then built up my second “weights” programme. It does not look much fun, in fact I can see it being a bigger struggle than my cardio programme. However, luckily I now have the benefit of being able to alternate between the two programmes.

Second Fitness Test (1)

One of my friends, Y has the following message on her MSN – “Motivation is what gets you started…Habit is the skill to keep you going…”. I have to admit that phrase or saying really rings true in my ears. I knew starting at the gym was going to be hard work but I really wondered if I could seriously change my routine to accommodate. But my friend is right, it is motivation that gets you started but habit keeps you going and I am slowly edging into that category. I have missed a handful of sessions and am really making an effort to ensure I go to the gym four times a week. However, the last two months have been a walk in the park considering my new weights programme. I know it is going to be hard and in a way I am going to look forward to my cardiovascular workout which will in fact be a ‘rest’ from all the weights machines.

Second Fitness Test (2)

Watched England play the USA last night on BBC1. I could have been there, even if I had decided to go yesterday lunchtime as the FA were so keen to get rid of tickets they e-mailed me at least three times to let me know that tickets would be on sale on the “door”. I have had enough of friendlies and am happy to wait for the real deal World Cup Qualifiers come the autumn. Which fixtures I will be going to I am not sure but would like to go to the rematch against Croatia in September 2009. Although I have asked Hussein to tape the match for me on MythTV, I also recorded on my own PC (albeit after two forced reboots). However the only reason I wanted to record Match Of The Day was for the national anthems. My favourite and my own. To see them played back to back truly made me understand why I do not like God Save The Queen so much. The American national anthem is a stirring patriotic song with story telling as the centre piece, the focal point a flag! I had read online that All Angels were going to sing both anthems so you can imagine my surprise to hear the PA announcer say “Kelly Rowland“. Not sure if it was the mic or the Wembley PA system but there were technical problems on the high notes. This however did not deter my enjoyment of the piece. Then, straight afterwards we had the bland and somewhat boring National Anthem of the United Kingdom. A shame because although I do still feel something when I hear it played it is not the same as other national anthems. I am sure there are many people out there annoyed that The Apprentice had to move to Tuesday night to make way for a pointless friendly but just take it from the view of an American in London (fantastic mock blog entry over at The Daily Mail) well worth a read! My experience with government agencies has been exceptional in recent years. Back in February last year the DVLA were super quick to send me back the documentation to transfer my cherish plate from my Punto to my A3. A surprise to say the least. You have may noticed on my Twitter feed that I quickly text in on Tuesday evening when arriving home to discover my shinny new biometric passport. Once again, a swift response from the Passport Office taking less than two weeks to turn around (but unfortunately not sure when I will be using it this year, it might be gathering dust in a drawer until January 2009!) However not all experiences have been that great, when I went to renew my car tax in late December last year, a record of my insurance could not be found on the computer so I had to go back to 19th century standard of taking paper copies to the Post Office (in the town center) Oh well, no one is perfect but I hope it works at the end of this year! A very quick preview to the weekend, it is nearly 9pm and I want to watch one more episode of Greek (up to #11 now, the start of part two after the Christmas break?). I am off clubbing with the gang tomorrow night in London. Pav and the rest of the collective are playing at Club Aquarium in Shoreditch. Why is it called that? Well there is a big swimming pool (not sure if Olympic size) in da club. Yes I am not kidding you! Do I ever go to the same old bland locations on a night out? Of course not, I go to the places you never forget. Pav’s set is not until 2am I think until 3am (or was it 3am until 4am) I cannot remember exactly but it is going to be a big night! Expect photographs and a review of sorts here sometime over the weekend. Then a quiet Saturday, Sunday I will be hitting the gym for the first time to give my weight programme a run, then a piano lesson. Not a lot planned but quite busy and I am sure if the weather is good I will give the car a wash. For now, I hope you have a fantastic Friday and I am sure I will be hearing from you all very soon. Keep posted on my movements via Twitter!

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