Sunday 7th September 2008

World Cup 2010 Countdown

There is nowhere else to start apart from England. European World Cup Qualifying kicked off yesterday afternoon with all the home nations in action. It was very annoying not being able to watch the game on Sky or the Beeb. There was not even a highlights programme to look forward to later in the evening. I listened to FiveLive but had actually dozed off on my bed, a little before kick off. I, therefore, kept coming in and out of commentary as I drifted in and out of my deep sleep. By the end of the first half I gave up and got out of bed and went to watch the end of The X-Factor with my sisters Julie and Natalie in the lounge. It ended within a few minutes and we switched to BBC1 to watch The Eurovision Dance Contest live from Glasgow.


I actually received my englandfan+ membership pack a few weeks ago but have been far too busy to mention it or even take a photo until now. So there you go, my new card which runs from now until 11th July 2010 (the day after The World Cup Final). Will England be there? At this rate we will be lucky to gain third place in the group (and that is no exaggeration). I am actually very apprehensive about the game against Croatia on Wednesday. I have a feeling England are going to be punished and not for the first time.

Watched The Promotion on Friday night and then Forgetting Sarah Marshall late last night. The Promotion was very good, not what I expected at all. The humour was very subtle, I had expected an all our war between the main characters but it is actually very well done. I am going to recommend it to my friend Steve (from Bournemouth) as he is a store manager for Tesco and would appreciate the rivalry of going for the top job against another assistant manager to have your own store. It is good to finally see Seann William Scott in a semi-serious role.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was just something to watch which I had not seen and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Plus there was Russell Brand making his film debut even though I’m not a big fan of his. My friend Bhav had mentioned to look out for the “receptionist’. Rather cryptic I thought until that point in the film arrived. Then all was made clear. Mila Kunis was the name of the actress, who resembles Rihanna (a little) and is going out with child star Macaulay Culkin. The move itself has the full Judd Apatow signature all over it and you will notice that most of the cast are made up from previous Apatow pictures, such as Superbad or Knocked Up. Overall it was good fun, with extreme laugh out loud moments in places. However, unlike Knocked Up, there is a genuine desire to tell a story rather than go for the laugh every few minutes. I would highly recommend it, if you are lost for a couple of hours on a wet Sunday afternoon.

Watched the classic teen movie 10 Things I Hate About You this afternoon with my sister Natalie. We stumbled onto the screening by mistake really. I was polishing my shoes and waiting for my younger sister to find something to watch. Coincidently she was watching E! with the True Hollywood Story on Heath Ledger, but as it went to a break, I gave my sister the channel for Sky Movies Premier (301) and then our PIN (which I had to enter after Natalie got it wrong twice). Low and behold, the movie had just started and was eight minutes old. We decided to watch it and as soon as I had finished polishing my shoes, I put the volume up and switched the surround sound to “Movie” mode and jumped onto the sofa. This was easily one of my favourite teen movies of all time. I saw it about eight years ago during my first year at Uni. In halls, we would go and rent a DVD from the Blockbuster Express store in Queens Road. Olivia would drive in her Honda Accord and take Marwa, Sippy and me to get a movie. On the way back we would either get some food or put a pizza in the oven. Viewings were usually in Sippy’s room as he had the biggest television. Oh, the memories! Before The Dark Knight, my memory of Heath will be his rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You at the school stadium and running away from the security guards, including a cheeky slap on the fat one! (Why do you always get a little and large in any kind of pairing). However there are two characters that absolutely kill me from the movie, first is nerdy loser, Michael Eckman (played by now Numb3rs regular David Krumholtz.) Then there is the fantastic English Literature teacher Mr. Morgan, played exceptionally by Daryl ‘Chilly’ Mitchell. A great way to pass away an hour plus on a lazy Sunday afternoon. An even better way to appreciate the bright talent whom offered so much that we have now lost forever. He will always be remembered by the world as the Joker but for me, it is bad boy gone good Peter Verona.

Received an e-mail from the De Montfort Alumni Association this week. It was an electronic newsletter with various links which included the new television advert. I went to have a look and then had a mad dash on YouTube to find the advert that was shown back in autumn 2003, while I was still a student there. A little help from a ten year old and I got it.

Get DMUsed It what a stupid tag line! I mentioned the ad back in November, almost four years ago. At the time I could only find a copy of the video on Visit4Info website. My housemates and I discussed this at length and agreed it was rather stupid, particularly the part when one of the candidates just straightens his tie, nods to the receptionist and walks out the door. What do I think of the latest advert? I suppose it is better than previous attempts in terms of impact but I still feel it is rather silly and gimmicky.

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