Tuesday 4th November 2003

I was discussing the DMU television commercial with my housemates, and was informed that the University of Warwick has a very similar advert. However, a quick crawl around the web via Google has not provided me with any answers. However, I was able to find a great site which catalogues television commercials from Europe and the US. Visit4info is a great site, as it enable the consumers to give feedback to the advertisers on what we like and don’t like and which advertisements make an impact, and those that do not. Out of sheer curiosity, I went to search for ‘De Montfort University’ and to my surprise, up popped the result for the commercial I was trying to describe yesterday. To view the ad, you need to have Quick Time installed. Click here to view the commercial. Let me know what you think, particularly your views on the ‘other candidates’ and their response to Thompson from De Montfort University. I wonder if I will have a similar experience when going for interviews in the summer? I have been a member of the DeLorean Owners Club, for over two years and on Sunday, I attend my second show. The Classic Motor Show takes place over the coming weekend, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November at the NEC Birmingham. I am looking forward to it, and catching up with several friends I made in Belfast in May 2001. I will be taking my digicam, so expect loads of photographs to be uploaded next week.

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