Friday 7th November 2003

Now you think that even terrestrial broadcasters would have a vast library of programmes and films to show. I was extremely surprised to discover that last night, five had no other content in the archives apart from to show the 1980 movie, “Escape to Victory”. Although a classic in it’s own right, the film is one of those annual films that you only see at Christmas time. I was shocked by this and wonder if anyone else out there was surprised, and delved into their programme listings, trying to discover what mistake had been made. I have been a fan of Liberty X, ever since the first ITV Popstars back in 2001. Of course, like everyone, I was disappointed that Jessica, Kelli, Kevin, Michelle and Tony didn’t make the final band. However, what success they have made out of failure! Signed up to Richard Branson on V2 for a six album deal, within six months of the end of the talent show, they seemed to be going places. But a lawsuit, change of name and low exposure of their first few singles, did not deter these artists from aiming for star status. They wrote several songs for their debut album, including the breakthrough single, “Just A Little” which would launch the band to the dizzy heights of number one in May, 2002. Having to add ‘X’ to their name, did little to change the band’s overall appeal. They won a Brit Award for Best Single in 2003. Thinking It Over was released two weeks after their debut number. With debut albums, there seems to be a lack of quality, and it appears that management have forced many changes and not allowed the creativity to flow. The evidence is clear, through tracks such as “Never Give Up”, “Saturday” and “Feel The Rush”. Although fantastic songs, in their own right, they appear ‘incomplete’. So expectations are high with their second album – “Being Somebody”. Released on Monday, I was able ‘obtain’ a copy on Thursday evening. I’ve been listening to a variety of the tracks. Overall the quality and clarity is better than the first. Depending on which songs are released as singles, the X have a potential multi-platinum album on their hands. Apart from the two single releases, ‘Jumpin” and ‘Being Nobody’, my personal favourites include: ‘Be Remembering’, ‘The Last Goodbye’ and ‘Forever’. I look forward with great anticipation to see how Liberty X, grow and develop into a world class pop band. [Particularly Michelle Heaton :)]

Uni is going well, I am making fairly good progress on my FYP and the rest of the modules are going fine too. Hope to get some of the coursework out of the way over the weekend. Life in general is treating me well, no complaints, so far! Arsenal left it late to beat Dynamo Kiev at Highbury on Wednesday evening. Thankfully Ashley Cole was there at the far post, to knock the ball into the back of the net! We just have to pull it together and win our final two games, I’m confident we can get the results we need! As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am off to the NEC for the Classic Car Show. Expect all my photographs to be uploaded on Sunday evening. My dear friend, Sibtain Bandali, is currently working on DemonNet Productions version 3. It shall be online soon, he promises me. Of course, having exclusive access, I’ve seen a preview of the site and all I can say is, it will blow you away… I will keep you posted on the site’s progress and when it finally goes live. Back when I was on my placement, there was a realisation that my final year was hastily approaching and I needed to prepare. I decided to take a little ‘peek’ around the web for sites on final year projects to get some inspiration. One site I stumbled upon, was that of Tamir Hassan. His site was documenting his experiences at the University of Warwick, while he studies for the final year of his four year MEng Computer Science. I contacted Tam, and he provided and continues to provide a valuable resource as I undertake my Final Year Project. He has also been providing me with details of various graduate schemes, that I should be applying for. Hopefully, the publicity through my webblog should force him to give the site a much needed update!

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